Mrs. Jennings-Neblett


Homeroom library resource days:

Students exchange library books on the day their homeroom teacher's class is scheduled for library resource.  Students should bring their library books to return on the day their homeroom teacher's name is listed below.

Mondays: Hackenbracht, Cox, Gibson, Norwood, Haydon

Tuesdays: Wood, A. Dawson(3rd), J. Johnson(5th), B. Johnson(2nd), R. Dawson(K), Simon 

Wednesdays: Arrington, Harvey, Reid, Bailey, Lewis, Brown

Thursdays and Fridays are technology and STEM days in the library.  Library books are not exchanged on Thursdays and Fridays.

The link below will direct you to the Amherst Elementary Library Home page.  Click on the Catalog tab to search for books housed at AES.

AES Library Homepage and catalog