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Ms Taylor

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Welcome to Ms. Taylor's Class   

October 23-27


*We will be using Thinking Maps across the curriculum to help organize our thoughts and our writing.




1.1  We continue to use oral language by listening and responding

1.1a Students will tell and retell stories

1.4b Students will count phonemes

1.3  Students will follow two-step directions

1.5  Students will understand that print is read from left to right and top to bottom

1.6 Students will apply phonetic principles to write and  spell


SOL: 1.9

Students will investigate the passage of time by telling time to the hour and half hour using a digital and analogue clock.

Students will read and interpret a calendar.

*We will also practice a variety of math skills during our "Math Wall" time each day.

Science/Social Studies

Social Sstudies

SOL 1.11

Students will recognize the symbols and traditional practices that honor and foster patriotism in the US by demonstrating respect for the American flag.

I will check students' agendas each day.  Please initial the correct date each evening to let me know you have looked in the agenda also.  Homework assignment will be written in the agenda.


We have a time for snack (that your child brings from home) each day.

Please remind your child to wear tennis shoes each Tuesday and Friday for P. E.. 

Word Study Homework:

Monday - Cut out the word study words and sort them under the correct feature.  Read the words to someone.   Put the words in a zip-loc  bag and keep them at home for tomorrow night.

Tuesday- Sort the words.  Write the words under the correct feature (and bring the written words to school tomorrow).  Read the words to someone. 

Wednesday - Sort the  words.  Write the words under the correct feature (and bring the written words to school tomorrow).  Read the words to someone.

Thursday - Sort the words.  Glue the words under the correct feature on a sheet of paper (and bring the glued words to school tomorrow).  Read the words to someone.

Friday - No Homework

Dates to Remember:

October 25 - Donuts with Dad - 7:45 a.m.

October 31 - 9:15 Book Character Parade/Field Day

November 7 - Teacher Staff Development/No School for Students

November 14 - PTO 6:00

November 16 - Gobble, Gobble Game Night 6:00

November 20 - Interims

November 22-24 - Thanksgiving Break

November 28 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 21-January 2 - Winter Break







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