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Math & Reading

Ms. Gioia's Class News


Welcome to 5th Grade

It's Going to be a Great Year

February 11-15  2019

Science (5.2) Sound, Compression Longitudinal Waves

History:(US 1.8) Westward Expansion

Math:(SOL 5.12, 11, 6) Measuring/Identifying AnglesElapsed Time, Decimal Operations

Reading: (SOL5.4d, 5.5j) Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, Main Idea, Compare/Contrast

Writing/Grammar: (SOL 5.8) Editing/Process Writing, Topic Sentences

Dates to Remember….



12 PTO Meeting 6pm

20 Interims

     Donuts with Dad 7:45am

26 Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-6pm


8 Father/Daughter Dance 6-8pm





*Please make sure to check and sign Monday Folders. Check Agendas for Current Assignments and due dates.

*If you do not have access to PowerSchool, please contact Terri in the office 946-9704 to get on.  This allows you to keep up with your child’s grades


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