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Physical Education PreK-5

AES Physical Education

Fueling our body!
 The students at AES have been learning about fueling our bodies with healthy foods. They have learned about making our plate look like a rainbow of colors with different veggies cooked in healthy ways. Next we will be learning about preservatives in our foods. I purchased chicken nuggets and fries from a fast food restaurant to see how long it takes to show decomposition, mold, rot, etc. We will be comparing this to fresh fruits, vegetables and organically cooked meals.
Be sure to talk with your students about the findings.

Image 1-The picture below was taken right after purchasing the meal on March 16, 2016.. I did not add or take anything away from the food to change the out come nor did I dehydrate the food.

Image 2- Picture taken on 4/4/16. No mold yet. The food has begun to shrink but it still smells the same.






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