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Ms. DeAnna Day

528-6499 extension 26845
Classes Taught: 
English as a Second Language
I work with students at Amherst Elementary, Temperance Elementary, Central Elementary and Amherst Middle and High Schools.  

  • Upon enrollment parents complete a Home Language Survey.

  • An English language proficiency test (WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test) is administered to determine the level of instruction needed.

The ROLE of the ESL INSTRUCTOR is to:

  • Provide English instruction at the appropriate level from beginning conversational skills to reading and writing skills necessary for grade level assignments. Based on consultation with the classroom teacher, instruction takes place in a "pull-out" setting or as in-class support.

  • Evaluate and report progress based on the WIDA Access for ELLs English Language Proficiency Test (administered yearly)

  • Facilitate communication between teacher and student, and between school staff and the home. 

The goal of the Title Three English Learner (EL)Program is to provide students with English instruction to help them succeed in school and throughout their lives.  


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