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Ms. DeAnna Day

528-6499 extension 26845
Classes Taught: 
English as a Second Language

I provide instruction in grades K-12 for students learning English as a Second Language. These students come from all over the world fom countries such as : Honduras, Mexico, India, Burma, the Ukraine and Guatemala. If you are interested in the free Adult English Language Acquisition class taught by me, on Mondays 4-6 pm, please contact:  Adult and Career Education of Central VA (434)-528-6494.

Proporciono instrucción en los grados K-12 para los estudiantes que aprenden inglés como segundo idioma. Estos estudiantes provienen de todo el mundo de países como: Honduras, México, India, Birmania, Ucrania y Guatemala. Si está interesado en la clase gratuita de Adquisición del Idioma Inglés para Adultos impartida por mí, los lunes de 4 a 6 p. M., Comuníquese con: Adult and Career Education of Central VA (434) -528-6494.

Si usted está interesado en la clase adulto libre de Adquisición del Idioma Inglés impartido por mí, los Lunes de 4-630 pm , por favor, póngase en contacto con : Educación de Adultos y de la carrera de VA central ( 434 ) 528 - 6494 .

The PURPOSE of the ESL program (from the Va. Dept. of Education ESL Handbook) is "to help the limited English proficient students learn English as quickly as possible....and to help them be successful in their school programs. Such instruction should also help them to adjust culturally to life in America."


  • Upon enrollment parents complete a Home Language Survey.

  • An English language proficiency test (WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test) is administered to determine the level of instruction needed.

The ROLE of the ESL INSTRUCTOR is to:

  • Provide English instruction at the appropriate level (not bilingual education), from beginning conversational skills to reading and writing skills necessary for grade level assignments. Based on consultation with the classroom teacher, instruction takes place in a "pull-out" setting or as in-class support.

  • Evaluate and report progress based on the WIDA Access for ELLs English Language Proficiency Test (administered yearly)

  • Facilitate communication between teacher and student, and between school staff and the home.
    (interpreter/translator services available in Spanish).
     Se requiere cita para servicios de traducción.


You obviously cannot meet all the needs of the ESL student in the regular classroom. What you can do is be sensitive to what the student is facing and make accommodations when you are able. The ESL Teacher will work with you to determine the best way to support your new student.


I am currently serving students at eight schools throughout the county.  Please contact me for an appointment if I can help you in any way. The following is my tentative schedule.  My schedule does change from time to time if I am translating for meetings. or attending conferences.  My home base is Amherst elementary so interoffice mail can be sent to their address.

Helpful Websites

Monday- Amherst Elementary, Amherst Middle School and Amherst High School

Tuesday- Monelison Middle School  and Madison Heights Elementary.

Wednesday- Amherst Elementary, Amherst Middle and Amherst High School

Thursday- Amelon Elementary, Madison Heights Elementary School.

Friday- Amherst Middle, Central Elementary, Amherst High and Amherst Elementary.


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