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Ms Johnson

434-528-6499 ext 26814
Classes Taught: 
I teach reading, word study, and writing to my homeroom. I will also teach science and social studeies to all students in second grade.

Dear Parents,

            Welcome back to school! We hope that everyone has had a restful summer.   We are excited about the upcoming school year.  This year will be a little different for your child because he/she will experience instruction from two teachers throughout the day.  During the class day, your child will report to his/her homeroom teacher for morning assignments, lunch, recess, and resource classes.  However, he/she will have a different teacher for specific subjects.  Below are listed the two second grade teachers and the subject(s) they will teach your child.


Mrs. Peters:  Reading ( homeroom), Math (for all second graders)

Mrs. Johnson: Reading (homeroom), Science and Social Studies (for all second graders)


            On Monday, your child will be given his/her schedule.  We will help the students with this transition.  Since the students will be traveling back and forth, we will be taking up the students’ supplies and leaving them in the homeroom so that everyone can share.  Also, please encourage your child to keep his/her personal belongings in their backpack instead of their desk such as money, erasers, pencils, etc…  The students will be sharing desk and personal belongings can be misplaced.

            Please feel free to contact us or refer to the school second grade web site (listed below) if you have any questions this year.  Below we have listed our e-mail addresses for the easiest way to contact us.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to being your child’s teacher this year!


Amherst Elementary Website:  (go to the “teacher pages” tab at top to find second grade teachers’ information)


Mrs. C.

Mrs. B. Johnson:


                                                                                    Thank you,

                                                                                    Second Grade Teachers

Amherst Elementary


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