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Mrs. Beverly Brown

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Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 school year!  I am excited to return for my fourth  year as an enrichment specialist.  My current schedule is:

Monday - Madison Heights Elementary 

Tuesday - Central Elementary

Wednesday - Temperance Elementary (morning); Elon Elementary (afternoon)

Thursday - Amelon Elementary

Friday - Amherst Elementary


I will update this page on Friday with a summary of the week's activities and important updates.  There is also a gifted calendar on the Amherst County Public Schools website.  

Please contact me at your child's school or if you have questions or concerns. 

It's going to be a great year!

Beverly Brown

Week of October 8 - 12, 2018

This week I attended a workshop in Richmond focusing on strategies to enhance student learning.  I was excited to realize that I already use many of the strategies they discussed.  I am looking forward to implementing question walks and escape room activities in the future.

The older children have started a program called Hands-On Equations.  During this multi-week activity, the students will learn to physically represent and solve algebraic linear equations.  They are doing well with the concepts.

I hope you enjoy the cooler weekend!


Week of October 1 - 5, 2018

The older children have been practicing the Math 24 to prepare for the tournament in December.  Their speed and accuracy are improving.  Please let me know if you would like cards to practice with at home.

Snap Circuits were used this week for the children to observe the principles of  closed circuits and to realize the importance of following directions with many details.  They realized if they didn't follow the instructions, their devices would not work.  We had airplanes moving and disco balls twirling as they worked in cooperative groups to make their projects work.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Week of September 22-26, 2018

I am appreciative of the unique perspectives of your children.  Listerning to their conversations as they work on challenges, I realize they are constantly analyzing solutions and showing respect for the opinions and ideas  of others.  

Please check the gifted calendar on the Amherst County Public Schools website.  As we become aware of opportunities for our children, we will post them on this calendar.

Your children participated in a STEM challenge this week to create a vehicle to transport ping pong balls down a ramp.  Solutions included vehicles resembling tacos, pizzas, and cones.  Some were more successful than others as they learned the many aspects of design.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Week of September 18-21, 2018

Even with the unscheduled day off this week, we were busy!  

The Elementary Math 24 Tournament is scheduled for December 4 at Monelison Middle School.  I have been working with the older children to prepare for this competition.  Each school will send a team to the competition and I hope many will participate.

This week's STEM challenge was called "Splat.  The children build a tower that would remain upright after dropping it from approximately three feet.  Many towers were successful in ways that were surprising at times.  A few groups modeled their towers after actual buildings like the Eiffel Tower.  I constantly monitor their strategies on these challenges to assess growth.

Have a great weekend!


Week of September 10 - 14, 2018

It was wonderful to see many of you at the Back to School Nights!  The enthusiastic atmospheres set positive tones for the school year. 

Students worked on a flying challenge this week.  To promote thinking and design skills, the children created devices that would fly and hit a target.  Various projectiles made by the students flew through the air to hit the target.  Many were successful.  During our debriefing sessions, I asked the children what other materials they would have liked to use, and one student answered, "a drone" which brought a smile to our faces.

Have a great weekend and stay dry!



Week of September 3-7, 2018

What do bricks, paper, straws, pencils, paper clips, mailing labels and rubber bands have in common?  They were the materials the children used this week to build a bridge that would support a ping pong ball and a nerf ball.  Teamwork was important as they tried a variety of strategies to build the bridge.  Some were succesful and some were not, but during the debriefing sessions they generated many ideas on how they would do things differently.  

I hope you have a great weekend!


​Weeks of August 13 - 31, 2018

We had a great start to the year!  The children learned a new math strategy game called Proof and enjoyed the challenge of creating equations from a set of nine cards.  Many groups participated in an activity called "Thinking Inside the Box."  Their creativity and designs allowed me to begin initial observations.  

Please contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.  I hope to see you at Back to School nights!

Have a great weekend!





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